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Who is Shimelle? What is she?

Shimelle Laine is one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. She is a wonderful friend and she is incredibly talented, and, well, someone that cool just needs a fan club. So this is one. Of sorts.

Love, the Official Shimelle Laine Fan Club

The Official Shimelle Laine Fan Club

brought to you by Haus of Scuk

Hi!...Welcome to the homepage of the OSLFC! Click to see the current membership list or check out the Shimelle stuff we've got, here or elsewhere:

(By the way, I desperately want to do an exclusive interview with Shimelle but sadly am too uncreative to think of any good questions. Email any suggestions you have for interview questions until we get around to adding a form to fill out.)

Shimelle Laine's Personal Webpage
She has a really nice webpage. I really like it. Plus she talks about me (liz) on it and that's really cool.
Shimelle's Resume Online
An outdated list--basically the stuff she's done up through last winter.
The Leonardo DiCaprio Appreciation Page
Shimelle originally made this beautiful page for the club and wound up running the club herself. Go see. [liz would like to note: xia (who I'm sure has a fan club page for her out there somewhere) made a fan club for me who made one for shimelle who made one for leo. that's all. I just thought it was interesting.]
NEW! The incredibly-badly-written Liz-meets-Shimelle story

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